​Dr. Stephen Pereira started A Mobile Veterinarian as an innovative way to see pets without the stress of a clinic setting. To accomplish this we don't have an RV or a van, we see our clients in their own homes. The reason for this is to be able to see pets in their own environment.  This makes it easier to evaluate the pet. As well, we offer surgeries and dentals in our clients' homes. The philosophy behind this is we want our clients to be as involved as they want as well as educated. Our clients are all over the board as far as involvement. We have had some people want to help during a procedure and others go off into another room and check in every once in a while. We love being able to do procedures in our clients' homes because if a situation arises and we need the owner's input we don't have to worry about trying to get you on the phone and describe the problem over the phone. Our clients love the fact that they know everything that is happening to their pet and that their pet is able to recover at home. The pet will have Dr. Steve's and Morgan's full attention during the whole procedure and during recovery. All of our equipment is human quality and we have one of the best monitoring systems available. Some of our clients, who are nurses, have commented that the equipment is as good, if not better than what they have in their units. All of this is in attempt to bring the highest standards to veterinary medicine while keeping cost down. If our philosophy sounds interesting to you feel free to give us a call at 303-646-5567.
Stephen Pereira, DVM
Einstein and Bryce
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